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8 Myths about Building a Custom Home

8 Myths about Building a Custom Home

Myths about Custom Homes

If you have never built a custom home, you need to make informed decisions. Here are some insights that surely uncover the top custom home building myths by which you should consider building a custom home. Following myths you should need to know before building a new custom home.

1. Myth: Building a new customized home is more expensive than buying a used home.

Built Around your Budget:

When you buy a used home, you could for the features and space that you don’t want. That could result in costly rebuilding and remodeling the house. Before starting building a custom home, your preliminary budget must be cleared and after that the architectural design process begins.

After that, the whole plan for building and designing the home is done. You should review projected costs to make sure that everything is on the right track.

2. Myth: Tearing down a used home costs too much to rebuild.

Location is everything:

This is the truth that tearing down a used home costs less than remodeling the house. With the help of best and suitable machinery, the process of tearing down the used home is just a matter of few days.

For this, if you have the suitable location and have the new property then you should build your home there. This will saves both your time and money. And if you don’t have the new property then tearing down the used home is a better option than remodeling the home.

3. Myth: Loans for the construction of new home are hard to get.

A sound Investment:

Trends shows that the construction in on rise and due to this, banks have started to back the custom home building industry. You should have managed some investment before building your customized home because this helps you not to face the financial problems during building the custom house.

You must have to contact in advance with the banks for the approvals of loan. This thing makes it possible for your dream project to be your first home.

4. Myth: Building a custom home takes too much time.

No time is wasted:

Sometimes the process of building a custom home will not take as long time as the people expected.

You should calculate the time before starting to build your house and normally constructing a new home take 180 days and more.

Living in your custom home just in half a year is possible and this can be done just by calculating and maintaining the time.

5. Myth: The process of constructing a custom home requires experience.


Everyone says that the idea of building a custom home is very complicated and also a stressful project.

Let you know that The Design Outline can be found in any book related to building a custom home and you can easily get a number of amazing ideas that helps you a lot in building your dream house.

So, no experience is needed for building a custom home and also the whole process is very easy.

6. Myth: Custom home builder always push for costly features.


I strongly recommend that you should make your all decisions and selections of the fabric, paint, hardware, home-color and many more related to your customized home. You should make a check list section related to your selections.

Each check list is designed to make your project easy throughout the entire building process. This can also helps a lot in saving your money and time and this also saves you from the many traps of your custom home builder.

7. Myth: The Visual Look of the custom home is doubtable before finishing.

Control your Design:

Once you gathered your customized design selections, you just have to create a detailed rendering that captures the upcoming looks of your future home. The only thing is that you should control the designs of your customized home and while you might not be able to fully experience living your dream custom home until its complete.

I assured you that controlling your design is one of the best methods for building your dream custom home.

8. Myth: Green homes cost more than other normal homes.

Follow the right PATH:

Normally people say that building a new green custom home is quite expensive and it takes a lot of investment. But when you think it for a long-term, green home actually saves money because the materials won’t have to be replaced as often.

In the initial process this project costs too much but at the end this building offers better value when you consider the life-cycle costs.

Final Words:

Just don’t let any misconceptions prevent you from constructing your custom home. The thing is that you need to follow all the important things that are mentioned above and that things helps you a lot in building your new custom home.

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